Data privacy

Data privacy, data protection

The click paths of MAG website users who cannot be personally identified are collected for marketing and optimization purposes. The collected data are used exclusively by the company and are never passed on to third parties. The collection of data is carried out in compliance with the current data protection guidelines. Entry of data: In order that we may respond to your inquiries and other communications we ask that you provide certain personal information. Any data you provide will be handled with due care and diligence, and will be used only for the purpose of processing your inquiry. We collect only those data which are actually required, and comply with the German and US laws regarding data privacy and data protection. Your request may also be processed partially by external service providers. These are contractually bound to us and guarantee the same standards of data privacy and data protection as MAG. Of course you have the right at any time to review your stored personal data and to request these data to be amended, blocked or deleted. e-mail communication: The e-mail function of this website operates via nonsecure Internet data structures. For this reason, the company can provide no warranty with regard to the confidentiality or completeness of the transmitted data. Before using the e-mail function, please verify that the information in question is suitable for transmission via the Internet.


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